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 Are You Looking For The Best ESA Cats? Here You Go

If you’re suffering from emotional or mental disorders and have been prescribed to keep an emotional support animal then having a cat is obviously the best option. If you have a pet you should know about an ESA registration.

Cats work crazily awesome as emotional support animals. They are delicate and cool and have a natural tendency to sense human behaviors and emotions.

Cats As Emotional Support Animals

Cats are unbelievable emotional support animals as they present warmth and support to people who undergo physical or mental disorders. 

They are not sloppy and they’re smooth, peaceful, and non-intrusive categorically. They grant real warmth and love. If you have a dog you should know how to legally register emotional support dog

They are intelligent enough to sense your emotions and feelings and make sure to be with you especially when you’re down. Their loyalty and cuddles can modify your feelings and provide relief and leisure. 

Here are some most popular and wonderful cat breeds that make excellent ESAs.

Maine Coon

They are one of the largest of all cat breeds and are becoming famous in the United States. Maine Coons make superb emotional support animals and are good for long-term commitments.


They have their own unique personality. They are notably loyal and tend to be frank and demanding. 

American Shorthair

These cats are very cool-tempered and are really intelligent. Plus they can easily handle the panic attacks of their owners and help them to be calm and relax.


Charming Persian cats have always been the priority of cat lovers and they make great emotional support animals as they are quiet, expressive, and gentle. 


Ragdolls are super cute, totally friendly, and are best to provide companionship and love. They are great emotional support animals for children as well. They’re quite well-mannered and can easily be trained just like dogs. If you have animals you should know about emotional support animal certification.

American Bobtail

These are quite good to be kept as ESA in a family as they behave friendly with all family members and can easily adapt to the in-house living environment.


These cats come without tails and are famous for it. They love to play and can handle you when you’re anxious.

Russian Blue

This breed is very intelligent and easy to handle and love. 


They are smart, athletic, self-sufficient, and active. Bengal cats are different from other cat breeds.


They have a suede-like coat that makes them different. Sphynx cats are really intelligent and clever and seek the attention of their owners, 

What Are Emotional Support Animals?

Animals that are legally allocated to people with mental disabilities, that provide them with love, affection, comfort, and satisfaction are known as emotional support animals. They are not like typical pets as they have to perform a duty to make their owners happy and comfortable. 

Doctors believe emotional support animals help people to cope with mental health problems as it has been demonstrated scientifically that keeping an animal close to your body can help you calm your heartbeat and blood pressure. 

Are ESA Cats Allowed To Dwell With You?

Yes, you can surely live with your emotional support cat even in no-pet housing by presenting an ESA letter for housing to your landlord. The ESA letter allows people with disabilities to live in and fly with their emotional support animals. 

How To Get A Legitimate Emotional Support Animal Letter?

You can get your legitimate ESA letter for any cat breed or any animal by just visiting your psychiatrist or any mental health professional. 

Why Cats Are Perfect Emotional Support Animals?

Cats fulfill all the requirements of a perfect emotional support animal. Size is the primary concern of every person who needs to bring home his emotional support animal. They can simply dwell with their owners and are easy to handle. 

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